Baby Set #1 – White

Product Details

Perfect set to celebrate the birth of a newborn baby. This gender neutral baby set includes:


1 x First Hadagi – White:

– Simple and delicate baby kimono onesie “Hadagi” gently wraps your baby. It features side tie and snap closure in the crotch for easy dressing. (click for more details)

1 x Bib:

– 100% cotton. Made in USA. (click here and here for more details)

1 x Gray Pile Socks:

– Ultra-soft and smooth 100% cotton pile socks handmade in Japan. (click for more details)


Size Guide

Newborn: Hight 19½ inches (50cm), 6.6 lb (3kg)

3m: Hight 23½ inches (60cm), 13 lb (6kg)


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No returns/exchanges for all inner wears including Hadagi (baby onesies), please.

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