Uchino x MAKIE, Hoodie Towel Zero Twist Gauze Dot

Product Details

97% Cotton, 3% Polyester.  Made in JAPAN.

30½ x 30½ inches (78x78cm)


Advanced Zero Twist Yarn: “This fabric feels gentle and comfortable, as if being bundled in floss silk. Uchino harnessed sophisticated spinning technology to minimize fluff while maintaining the softness of zero-twist yarn to ensure that it feels great when using.”  This marshmallow towel made from high quality extra long-staple cotton that is very thin and soft.  This fabric adheres closely to the skin for excellent absorbency and wiping capability.  Uchino Towel  also insisted on combing the cotton when spinning the yarn to remove short fibers so there is very little shedding of fluff.  Uchino is one of the traditional towel brands in Japan. Uchino holds high standards for quality and comfort. Trustworthy quality that passed tests for all harmful substances.