Stockholms Glasbruk Skansen – Green

Product Details

Size: Ø3″ (7.5cm) x H4″ (10cm)

Handmade and Hand-blown. Made in Stockholm.


History of Skansen: “Stockholm’s Glassworks was built here at Skansen in 1936, but it started three years earlier in a basement room at Södermalmstorg in Slussen. Old drawings of a glassworks from the end of the 18th century in Johannisholm – in Venjan’s parish in Dalarna – stood as a model for the construction. Stockholm’s Glassworks was run from 1933 to 1980 by manufacturer Ture Berglund and his wife, Lily. After that, his daughter, Marianne, with her husband, Göran Hammar, continued developing the glas studio. Their granddaughter Karin Hammar later took over.”