Scarlette Ateliers, Kid’s Pajama Set – Blue Check

Product Details

100% Cotton. Hand woven on wooden looms in South India.  Long sleeve top and bottom with contrasting bias finish.

Care Instructions: Machine wash 85ºF (30℃ )

Size Guides

2/3y: 34 inches (94cm)

4/5y: 43 inches (110cm)

6/8y: 50½ inches (128cm)


SCARLETTE ATELIERS is a home linen collection, tableware and small objects coming from the delicate universe of the homestay SCARLETTE in New Delhi. A beautiful selection of the best Indian handicrafts. The SCARLETTE ATELIERS collection propose a selection of home ware respecting the indian handicraft. Some bed linen, table linen, embroidered or woven accessories from Bengal, potteries from Manipur, carpets from South India cottons, fairy lights, marble, brass, engraved aluminium crockeries, and a set of cushions that each fabric has been printed, woven, embroidered, dyed, or even knotted by hand.