Khadi & Co, Washed Cotton Bag Large

Product Details

90% Cotton, 10% Polypropylene. Made in India.

Size: Bottom 13″ (33cm) x 11″ (28cm), Hight 14″ (35.5cm), Handle hight 9″ (23cm). Front Pocket.


Khadi and Co, Bess Nielsen: Danish textile designer Bess Nielsen launched Khadi and Co in 2005 to pursue her fascination with handwoven textiles. Throughout her 30-years long career she has traveled extensively to and across India to work with many skilled craftsmen. Khadi is a Hand woven fabric originating in Bengal. This ancient technique, involving cotton being spun and woven by hand, first appeared in India more than 4000 years ago. Hand spun yarns have an indisputable organic quality, making garments light, and uniquely soft on our skin.