Kaval, Silk Linen Smocking Wrap Skirt – Kariyasu

Product Details

65% Linen (high counted linen), 35% Khadi Silk. Handmade in Japan.

One Size: Length 38″ (96cm). Two strings (one is inside and other is outside). Handmade smocking and pleated details. Medium-heavy wight.


Kaval was founded in 2013. Every piece is manufactured at Kaval’s small factory in Tochigi, Japan. Here they weave and dye their own fabric. They sew each piece entirely by hand from start to finish using antique sewing machines that give the garments an aesthetic that new machines can not. These and other artisanal handcraft techniques give the clothes their unique style and beauty.


*Mashiko: Located in Japan’s Tochigi prefecture, Mashiko is a site of major historical importance for Japanese ceramics. Mashiko’s distinctive local red-brown clay has been used to make everyday objects like water jugs since the 1850’s.