Atem/Meta, Handwoven Necklace with Venetian Micro Beads- F

Product Details

Handmade by Atem/Meta. Bologna, Italy based artists.

Handwoven necklaces are made with silk, linen, rami fabrics and Venetian micro beads.

“Every design is one of a kind as consequence for the unique work of craftsman.”

Size: approximately 26″ (66cm)

Top: White

Bottom: Black


Atem/Meta: Collaborate with artist and artisan people around the globe, gathering their unique artworks in the Atem/Meta collection. Every piece is a one-of-a-kind piece and is selected for its intrinsic beauty and testimonial of artistic craftsmanship. Each piece may have some imperfections that shall be considered characteristics that makes the object unique. All the material and fabrics used are extremely delicate.