Runaway Bicycle, Pants Capacious

Product Details

100% Handloom cotton. Relaxed fit. Elastic waist. Inseam pockets. Made in USA.

One Size: Length 34½” (88cm), Waist 29″ (74cm)


Runaway Bicycle was born in 2014 and raised by  Preeti Verma. Runaway Bicycle is trying to give expression to goodness in every sense of the word.  To have access to clothes that felt comfortable before looking good.  As a design philosophy, Runaway Bicycle believes the most comfortable clothes are worn by children and people employed in physical labour. The likes of peasants, painters, road workers, mechanics and very often the clothes our parents wore. This awareness bears out in a stubborn penchant for the lightness of the fabrics employed and a design aesthetic that values comfort over form.