Dragon Diffusion Belgium, Hand Braided Leather Bag Grace Mini – Tan

Product Details

Hand braided in Madras, India.

Size: W10″ (25cm) x H6½ (16.5cm) x L3¾ (9.5cm). Handles 11″ (28cm)


Dragon specialized in handcrafted woven-leather bags that age beautifully. Designer Craig Wright employs a team of artisans who use traditional weaving techniques to create elegant styles.

“We are a group of Artisan Leather weavers. Each bag is entirely crafted by hand. This product has been handcrafted, so no two pieces are alike. If you find any curve in the weaving or two tone shade in color, these are due to our unique process and not a manufacturing flaw. When this leather becomes wet, there may be slight de-coloration or transfer when rubbed. We use natural dyes in coloring of our straps and the irregular tones is part of the charm of this product. Over time this bag will age and develop a natural patina that only traditional made leather will give.