CORAL & TUSK, Friends Canoe Pocket Pillow

Product Details

linen that is made from 100% unbleached and undyed natural flax fiber, and viscose embroidery.  Made in India.

Size 12 x 16 inches. Comes with pillow insert, that 95% feather and 5% down.

“Inspired by the wooden canoes found at Camp Topridge in The Adirondacks, our three friends are ready to paddle out! In case bunny and chipmunk cause the canoe to topple, Owl’s ready to take flight! This pocket pillow pairs well with our entire crew including Scouter Pillow, Friends Pattern Pillow, and Tipi Fox Pocket Pillow.”


Coral & Tusk: “Coral & Tusk was founded in 2007 by designer Stephanie Housley with the idea of translating her hand-drawn illustrations into tactile embroidered textiles. With a unique creative process and production method, Stephanie found a way to scale the feel of handmade, one-of-a-kind embroidery to a wide variety of heirloom-quality home products and fabrics.” (