Chisaki, Renti – Brown


Product Details

100% Sisal.  Made in Japan.

Size: ø 22¾ (adjustable), h 4¾ inches.

This hat is beautifully dyed with natural plant dyes by a dyer, kitta. The fringe of the brim is left uncut and the top of the crown is shaped pork pie, not flat, to give the hat some movements. The thin cotton ribbon died with the same plant dyes can be an accent of the look.


Designer Noriko Chisaki started “Chisaki” in 2016.  All hat are made in Japan by highly skilled craftsman.

Brand Concept: “Peace begins with a smile.  It is my ambition to design and produce things that stimulate a smile and conversation when people meet, and to create a more comfortable future for a maker, seller and buyer.  Which could be also attached long to the person’s life and become the basic.”


$440.00 $180.00